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CrashPlan provides an easy method to backup important data and provides an unlimited amount of backup storage for up to four Colgate computers. LEARN MORE about CrashPlan
Google Apps for Education
ITS leverages Google Apps for Education to provide e-mail, shared documents and presentations and groups for enhanced collaboration across campus.
Dean Evans & Associates EMS software is used for room reservations and resource scheduling on campus. Visit at
Moodle at Colgate
Colgate faculty use Moodle to facilitate classroom organization and support pedagogy. Access at
ITS subscribes to the service providing free video tutorials to faculty, staff and students. Login via the portal

Getting Help

Two easy ways to get help:
  1. Call: 315-228-7111
Get Help

Lost or Stolen Devices

To report a lost or stolen device please contact Campus Safety at extension 315-228-7911 (emergency) or 315-228-7333 (office) as soon as possible. You will be advised of any additional actions to take.

Suspicious E-mails

Learn more about suspicious e-mails and Phishing. If you believe you have received a phishing e-mail please send an e-mail to Learn more about how you can help IT fight suspicious e-mail. to learn how you can help IT retrieve important information about suspect e-mail.


Learning and Applied Innovation

We leverage technology to facilitate learning and improve student performance and engagement by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.
Learning and Applied Innovation

Workplace Software

Workplace software includes applications and software tools that support instruction and Colgate's administrative needs. Stability is assured by deploying business class and reliable open-source applications. Our expert staff develops custom solutions when a viable alternative is not available. We support many applications and business processes.
Workplace software

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services strives to provide and maintain a robust, reliable, and cutting-edge network and data center upon which academic, administrative, and residential computing needs can be met today and into the future.
Network and infrastructure

Privacy & Security

One of Colgate's leading priorities is maintaining and protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its users' personal, private, irreplaceable, and mission-critical information.
Privacy and data security

About ITS

Information Technology Services supports the systems, applications, and technologies that support instruction at Colgate.
About ITS