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Document Services

Document Services provides a comprehensive range of printing, copying, and imaging services to the campus community. Document Services personnel are available from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Document Services

Telephone: 315-228-7487
Fax: 315-228-7892

Mail Services

Telephone: 315-228-7490
Fax: 315-228-7292
Looking for someone specific? Review our staff page for e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Our Services

Located on the lower level of O'Connor Campus Center, Document Services provides copying and offset printing services as well as type and graphic design for students, faculty, staff, and administration. Document Services also provides assistance with copyright clearance and produces course packets which are available through the Colgate Bookstore.

Pre-press applications can be Mac- or PC-based. We encourage customers to submit all work in electronic form (i.e., Word, Adobe InDesign, high quality print [without compression] PDFs). We can work with paper originals, but this does slow down the production process. Please contact Michael Holobosky with questions about your files.

We provide pre-press, graphic design, bindery, black and white copying, color digital printing, wide format, banners, as well as list maintenance and presort bulk mail services to the campus community. Products include multi-color work, booklets, flyers, brochures, announcements, stationery, business cards, distributions, tickets, invitations, course packets, and post cards.

Should you wish to submit a ready to print item (pdf, Word, or Publisher file) via e-mail, please do so at along with the details that you will also be including on the request form (more information below). If the file is of a different nature than listed above and too large to fit in e-mail, please stop at the front desk with it on your thumb drive.

Document Services Printing Request Forms: You may either send or drop off a three part NCR Document Services Printing Request Form (various versions are currently in circulation, any of which are still usable) when you request a service. Keep the pink copy for tracking purposes, the yellow copy will be sent back to the department with the final cost. We keep the white copy for our files. The forms are available here, or through an administrative assistant. Essential information such as quantity required, finished size, type of paper, date needed by, charge code number, department, and job name (identifier for Banner, and us) are the main areas for you to fill out, other areas will be filled in by us as required. A downloadable PDF form for regular and wide format requests are available on this site.

Document Services Print Request E-Form

Document Services Wide Format Print Request E-Form


We have a comprehensive bindery facility. In addition to stapling, plastic binding, folding and tabbing, we can provide heat-tape binding for a "flatter" type of product. Also, we can arrange for other bindery procedures such as perforation, numbering, mylar tabbing, and perfect binding.

Pre-Sort Mail Service

Presort bulk mail services are widely used by the university with the help of Satori software. Once you have provided us with your list from Banner, we can process for either first class pre-sort or standard mail. We have found that most lists prepared this way will have at least a 97 percent successful addressing rate.

Copyright Clearance

We can help you obtain permission for course packets. Copyrights can be cleared most quickly by using the Copyright Clearance Center website at

Please call us at 315-228-7487 for help in using the online advantages of copyright clearance. Here is a complete explanation of copyright laws.