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Leading Off-Campus Study

Information for faculty leading trips off campus, including semester-long study groups, extended study courses, and research involving students.

Directors Resources

Information for study group directors. LEARN MORE about resources for directors.

High-Risk Travel

Colgate has set policies and guidelines regarding traveling with students to high-risk locations. LEARN MORE about high-risk travel

Short-term Trips

The Office of Off-Campus Study has a small amount of funds that can be used to support short-term trips lasting between 4-7 days. LEARN MORE about short-term trips

Extended Studies

Information about proposing and leading an extended study. LEARN MORE about extended studies

Compensation for leading extended study courses will be determined by the number of students enrolled in the course at the end of the add/drop period of the semester in which the program is offered. LEARN MORE about compensation


Please contact the Office of Off-Campus Study with any questions.