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January 2014 Media Coverage

Students skating and playing hockey on Taylor Lake with campus in the background

What NPR Can Learn From Colgate University
(Forbes) 13/01-2014
What NPR Can Learn From Colgate University. Back in December, Colgate University staged a blitzkrieg fundraising campaign that generated $5.1

Top Liberal Arts Colleges Where Accepted Students Usually Enroll
(US News & World Report) 30/01-2014
...1,711 570 33.3% St. Mary's College 1,256 417 33.2% Colgate University 2,289 756 33% College of St. Benedict 1,487 490 33% St. Lawrence University...

Archaeologists Have Found the Oldest Roman Temple
(New Republic) 30/01-2014
...interesting than anybody expected, said Albert Ammerman, an archaeologist at Colgate Universitywho worked on the dig. It s beautiful down there.

Oldest Roman Temple Uncovered by Archeologists
(Newsmax) 29/01-2014
...feet below the water," Archaeologist Albert Ammerman, a research professor at Colgate who called the excavation "mission impossible," told NPR.

Archaeologists Unearth What May Be Oldest Roman Temple
(NPR) 29/01-2014
Archaeologists excavating a site in central Rome say they've uncovered what may be oldest known temple from Roman antiquity.

College students revolutionize meaning of MLK Day
(USA Today College) 19/01-2014
...Day USA TODAY Collegiate Correspondent In This Story: Colgate College George WashingtonUniversity Purdue University University of Michigan Vanderbilt...

The 10 Most Wired Colleges In The Country: Unigo Ranking
(The Huffington Post) 05/01-2014
...St. Louis AP 4 4. Hamilton College Flickr:EAWB 3 3. Colgate University AP 2 2. Georgia Tech Flickr:linademartinez 1 1. Pomona College Wikimedia...

LinkedIn: Essential Tool If you Are Looking For A Job
( 13/01-2014
...remain connected. As Matt Hames, manager of media communications at Colgate University, notes: students come to Colgate using Facebook 90 percent,

Wannsee: The Place and the Deed
(Chronicle of Higher Education) 20/01-2014
Balakian, director of creative writing at Colgate, is the author of six books of poems as well as numerous books including...

Man on Fire
(New York Times) 03/01-2014
Professor Mel Watkins reviews "Furious Cool."

Colgate University Women's Hockey Team Hosts 4th Annual Awareness Game
(Autism Speaks) 29/01-2014
Colgate University Women's Hockey Team Hosts 4th Annual Awareness Game This guest post is written by Caroline Potolicchio, a member of the Women...

The university food fight: Eating disorders boom on college campuses
(Fox News) 27/01-2014
...did this issue become so rampant? Haley DelPlato, a senior at Colgate University who is recovering from anorexia, has a suspicion. I think it's...

CASH Coalition offers free tax preparation
(The Evening Sun) 10/01-2014
...Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program, Upstate Institute at Colgate University and the Chenango County United Way has benefitted thousands of...

Seeing Through the Grammy's Game
(The Huffington Post) 28/01-2014
...a ratings push. Nick Yannopoulos, a junior and jazz musician at Colgate University who studies music cites the Grammy's as reflecting not top...

How can benefactors meet Armenia's & Diaspora's many needs?
(The Armenian Reporter) 25/01-2014
...Armenia's & Diaspora's many needs? Peter Balakian, Professor of Humanities at ColgateUniversity, recently wrote a thought-provoking commentary,

Big Read: Hillary Clinton eyes ultimate prize as presidential race draws closer
(The Australian) 13/01-2014 still the indispensable nation,'' she told a crowd at Colgate University in October. Despite the diversity of her topics, some liberal groups...

Hillary Clinton 2014: Campaigning without campaigning?
( 07/01-2014
America is still the indispensable nation, she told a crowd at Colgate University in October. Despite the diversity of her topics, some liberal...

Rand Paul: Clinton Is a 'Big Proponent of the Surveillance State'
(National Journal) 28/01-2014 the Democratic nomination if she runs. In a discussion at Colgate University last year, Clinton called for a "full, comprehensive discussion"

Behind The NSA Speech, A Political Backdrop
(NPR Blogs) 17/01-2014
...didn't tip her hand during a question-and-answer session at Colgate University. She merely said the nation needed to have a "full, comprehensive...

Gillibrand urges Obama to refinance student loans
(Adirondack Daily Enterprise) 29/01-2014
...$25,297. The proportion of graduates with debt in 2012 is 70 percent. Colgate University's averagestudent debt for 2012 graduates is $20,751. The...

Hillary Clinton 2014: Campaigning without campaigning?
(The Sacramento Bee) 07/01-2014
America is still the indispensable nation, she told a crowd at Colgate University in October. Despite the diversity of her topics, some liberal...