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Green Living Program

The Eco-Rep Program selects and trains campus leaders to model and promote environmentally responsible behaviors in the residence halls by inspiring and educating their peers.
Recycle Maniacs
The university is committed to climate neutrality by 2019 and students have an important role to play in meeting that goal. By living sustainable lifestyles, each of us can reduce our environmental impact and lower our campus carbon footprint. 

The Green Living Program is a student behavior change program that was developed to educate and engage students in shifting their priorities and behaviors to reduce the unnecessary consumption of resources (energy, water), to minimize waste generation (through recycling and reuse), and to take greater responsibility for their contribution to university-related environmental impacts. The ultimate goal is for Colgate to reach its commitment to climate neutrality by reducing our overall and individual ecological footprints associated with the behavior of our daily lives.

Find Your Area's Eco-Rep!

Click here to meet our team of Eco-Reps and find who can help you green your ResHall!

Want to Learn How to Green Your Space?

  • View our green living orientation presentation (5-7 minutes)
  • E-mail your Eco-Rep for the green living practices checklist 
  • Need help completing the checklist? View our tutorial.
Also, keep in mind your Eco-Rep is here to help! If you have an idea or question, let them know!

Calculate Your Impact

Step 1: Unsure where you should concentrate your sustainability efforts? Calculate your carbon footprint.

Step 2: Don't feel like you're doing enough to lessen your impact? Consider purchasing carbon offsets.