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Green Office Program

Thank you for joining other faculty members and employees who are introducing green practices into their work area.
Recycle bins in an office coffee area

The Program Can:

  • Generate excitement and raise awareness around issues of sustainability in your work environment
  • Provide motivated community members the resources and tools to implement sustainability practices
  • Implement real solutions to everyday environmental challenges
  • Illustrate that combining many small personal actions can lead to big outcomes
  • Reduce Colgate's and your individual ecological footprint
  • Save money and natural resources through conservation and efficiency

How to Get Started:

  • Download the Green Office Worksheet: a step-by-step guide to certification
  • View our orientation presentation (5-7 min)
  • Designate a motivated Eco-Rep to help lead the effort in your work area
  • Register your work area into the Green Office Program
  • Wait for an e-mail invite from the sustainability office and begin working through the online green practices checklist
  • Receive an official green rating and become a certified green office