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Gretchen Hoadley Burke '81 Endowed Chair for Regional Studies

The Burke Chair is an annual appointment that supports outstanding teaching and research on the Upstate New York region.
The appointment is for both Colgate faculty and leading scholars in and/or on the Upstate New York region. The Burke Chair teaches two courses during his or her appointment and provides lectures open to the campus and the community. Established in 2006 by Stephen Burke '80 and Gretchen Hoadley Burke '81, this chair is supported by an endowment fund created to support and recognize outstanding scholars whose research interests focus on Upstate New York.

Current Chair

Dr. Andrew Pattison, Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, has been named the Gretchen Hoadley Burke '81 Endowed Chair in Regional Studies for the 2016-17 academic year. Pattison is coming to Colgate from California Lutheran University, and has degrees from Skidmore College and the University of Colorado Denver (UCD) School of Public Affairs.

Pattison was awarded a National Science Foundation IGERT grant to pursue a PhD at UCD’s School of Public Affairs through the interdisciplinary Sustainable Urban Infrastructure program. He completed a dissertation, “An Examination of Policy and Political Learning: A Study of Colorado Climate and Energy Policy Actors” and completed a Ph.D in Public Affairs in 2015. His research interests include: public policy, sustainability, climate change, policy process theories, the role of science and technical information in policy-making, and issues of urban social equity. His articles have appeared in Society & Natural Resources, Policy Studies Journal, Environmental Science & PolicyJournal of Industrial Ecology, and the Canadian Political Science Review.

At Colgate, Pattison will be teaching ENST 241: Sustainability and Climate Action, and a seminar in Environmental Studies (ENST 490).

Past Chairs

Randy Fuller
Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies. READ MORE

Dr. Wyatt Galusky
Associate Professor of Humanities at Morrisville State College. READ MORE

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Dr. Judith Wellman
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Nicole Simpson 2011-2012 Associate Professor of Economics at Colgate.

Faculty Research Funding

Beyond the Burke Chair, we seek to encourage faculty scholarship on, or directly pertaining to, the upstate region of New York by providing support for both the costs of research as well as a stipend award for the Colgate faculty investigator. READ MORE


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