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Alcohol & Other Drug Services (AOD)

Services are designed to educate students about the negative consequences of substance use by utilizing harm-reduction strategies and skill building, as well as correcting misperceptions that many students hold about college alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.


Jane Jones

Assistant Director for Alcohol and Other Drug Services
Jane Jones Assistant Director

On-Campus Resources

Individual Consultation
Students can receive individual counseling to explore the use of alcohol and other mood-altering substances. They are able to explore use of substances openly and to receive personal feedback about alcohol and drugs in a safe, secure setting. All client information is held in confidence (see confidentiality). In addition, a weekly student alcohol and substance abuse support group is offered. One of the benefits of this group is the peer feedback provided by the participants.

The Wellness Institute also provides various educational options. These options include  brief alcohol and marijuana screenings utilizing the eChug and eToke computerized assessment programs (BASICS).
TIPS is a skills training program specifically designed for college students. The emphasis of the training is on how to handle situations in which individuals have misused alcohol. The materials are focused on the college environment and how your actions can prevent alcohol-related problems. For legal-aged students it will provides the opportunity to learn how to create a responsible drinking environment.  The class is a pre-requisite for the campus registration process.
Point Reduction Class
For individuals who wish to reduce their disciplinary points. PRIME, this three hour educational intervention emphasizes self-reflection by exposure to risk reduction theory.

Off Campus Resources

Many individuals have been able to deal with their drinking problems by attending Alcoholics Anonymous. In Hamilton, meetings are held on Monday and Friday evenings from 8-9 pm. Contact your local AA office for meeting information and locations.

Narcotics Anonymous

Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors

Drug & Alcohol Peer Advisors (DAPAs) are a group of student leaders who have been trained to respond to questions about alcohol and other drug issues at Colgate. DAPAs provide an invaluable service to the University as health opinion leaders, resources to their peers, and ambassadors. They help to inform programs, policies, and other prevention strategies overseen by the Shaw Wellness Institute.

The DAPAs also review the DAPA grants. DAPA grants are intended to support a fun, safe, and inclusive social environment at Colgate. These grants are geared towards encouraging inclusive and safe drinking environments for the Colgate community. The review committee funds registered events containing alcohol, and alcohol-free events. To that end, the grants fund: (1) substantial food items at registered parties with alcohol during high-risk nights (Wednesday through Saturday nights), and (2) food for alcohol-free events on Wednesday through Saturday nights. The grants do NOT fund alcohol, drinks, decorations, very small gatherings, or off-campus events.  

To apply for a DAPA Grant, fill out this Google form.
To learn more about Colgate's DAPAs, visit the web page.

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