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SophoMORE Connections

SophoMORE Connections provides second-year students an opportunity to explore their academic and career interests through conversations with alumni, faculty, staff, and upperclassmen. 

Keynote Speaker 2017: Jamil Jude ’09

Headshot of Jamil Jude '09

The keynote for SophoMORE Connections 2017 is Jamil Jude ’09. Jamil is a freelance director, producer, playwright, and dramaturg. Self-identifying as an "Artist Plus", Jamil feels most at home bringing socially relevant art to the community.

Meg Sadera ’18: On SophoMORE Connections

From January 15 to 16, the sophomore class got to experience one of the many amazing opportunities Colgate has to offer students when it comes to figuring out what the heck all of us are going to do when we graduate. READ MORE
Teresa Olsen, Assistant Vice President and Director of Career Services, and Jillian Cole ’ 10, Assistant Director for Professional Networks, received the 2014 NACE excellence award for SophoMORE Connections.


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