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Beckman Scholars Program

Colgate students in chemistry, biology, molecular biology, or biochemistry are invited to apply for a 15-month stipend to pursue independent research with a faculty mentor.

The Program

Colgate University received a Beckman Scholars Program award from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation to support student research. The program provides future leaders in science with the opportunity to engage in extended independent research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
  • Summers:
    Beckman Scholars will carry out 10 weeks of full-time research with their faculty mentor for two consecutive summers (Note: Students named Beckman Scholars as rising seniors are permitted to work in the summer following their graduation.)
  • Academic year:
    During the academic year between summer research experiences, Beckman Scholars will spend 8-10 hours weekly continuing their research project. (Note: Hours during the academic year will count toward a student’s contribution to any work-study).
  • Outcomes:
    Submission of a final research paper and presentation of the research to the Colgate scientific community are required, and Beckman Scholars are encouraged to present their research at national or international conferences.
Research Support
Student stipend: $18,200
  • Summer Funding — $6,800 per summer for two summers
  • Academic Year Funding — $4,600 for the academic year
Student scientific travel and research supply funds: $2,800
Conditions and Restrictions
A Beckman Scholar must:
  • be a full-time student throughout duration of award;
  • maintain a GPA of at least 3.5;
  • and, be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States or its possessions.
(Note: Beckman Scholars may participate in Colgate’s NIH Study Group before or after the 15-month commitment.)


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To Apply

Current Colgate students from any class year and majoring (or intending to major) in chemistry, biology, molecular biology or biochemistry may apply to the Beckman Scholars program. Top candidates will demonstrate:
  • Outstanding academic achievement (GPA of at least 3.5)
  • Extraordinary engagement and potential in research
  • Ambition to pursue a career in scientific discovery

Get Started

  • Speak with a potential Beckman faculty mentor as soon as possible (see full list of faculty mentors below), and receive formal sponsorship from a mentor.
  • Complete the short online pre-application form with mentorship and project information by February 5, 2018.
All pre-applications will be reviewed by the Beckman Scholar Program Steering Committee (D. McHugh, T. McCay, R. Rowlett, E. Woods). Promising candidates from the pre-application process will be invited to submit a full application by February 24, 2018. The full application includes a short research proposal, personal statement, and unofficial transcript, along with two letters of recommendation (full details available soon). Each year one or two students will be named Beckman Scholars. Awards will be announced by March 8, 2018 (Note: Acceptance of a Beckman award will replace any Colgate summer research fellowship awarded to a student.)

Beckman Faculty Mentors

Students must receive the sponsorship of a Beckman faculty mentor in order to apply for a stipend. The faculty mentor will assist with the preparation of a research proposal for the application.
Biology , 206 Olin Hall
p 315-228-6176
Associate Dean of the Faculty , 105B McGregory Hall
p 315-228-6624

Catherine Cardelús

Biology , 205B Olin Hall
p 315-228-7460

Anthony Chianese

Chemistry , 305 Wynn Hall
p 315-228-7718
Biology , 224 Ho Science Center
p 315-228-7871

Geoffrey Holm

Biology , 212 Olin Hall
p 315-228-6495

Krista Ingram

Biology , 213 Olin Hall
p 315-228-7797

Timothy McCay

Biology/Environmental Studies , 215 Olin Hall
p 315-228-7705

Jason Meyers

Biology , 210 Olin Hall
p 315-228-6468

Ernie Nolen

Chemistry , 205 Wynn Hall
p 315-228-7234

Roger Rowlett

p 315-228-7245

Ephraim Woods III

Chemistry , 304 Wynn Hall
p 315-228-7237