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Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships

Kevin Iglesias ’17 Awarded Fulbright
Kevin Iglesias ’17, of Silver Spring, Md., has been awarded a Fulbright research grant to travel to Brazil to study public health. Kevin Iglesias '17 Awarded Fulbright scholarship READ MORE about Iglesias's award
Amanda Liberman ’17 awarded Fulbright
Amanda Liberman ’17, of Reading, Mass., has been awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Kazakhstan. Amanda Liberman '17 awarded Fulbright Amanda Liberman ’17 awarded Fulbright
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We've helped many students launch rewarding experiences. See what your peers have done in past years. READ MORE about student success stories
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There are fellowship and scholarship opportunities available around the world. Find the one that fits your academic passion.  Find your opportunity READ MORE
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Applying for nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships requires advance planning and preparation. Prepare to apply GET STARTED
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From Fulbright grants to Watson Fellowships and more, Colgate students and alumni have been awarded many of the most competitive national and international fellowships and scholarships.


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Excitement in ONFS!

The 2018-19 academic year has been an exceptionally busy one for students, alums, and faculty working with the Office of National Fellowships & Scholarships (ONFS).

As of March, 89 individual students and alumni have submitted 130 different applications (with more still to come). This smashes the previous record of 79 applications, set in 2001-2002! The ONFS staff (Steve and Tori) appreciates the time and effort that goes into the submission of a top-notch application and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every applicant.

Be watching for upcoming announcements about this year's fellowship and scholarship recipients!

Looking Forward to the Upcoming Year

We want you to be part of the 2019-2020 application cycle! Tell us about yourself so that we can provide you with the best guidance.

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Our goal is to let the world know about Colgate’s fantastic students. We will assist you through every step of the process from researching opportunities to managing the logistics of accepting and executing an award, as well as every step in between. Many application deadlines are in the early fall, so we want to begin working on them now.

Check out some of the top opportunities available to you through the Fellowship Listing, below.

Fellowship Listing

See a listing of the major scholarships available. Many awards require nomination by Colgate; these are highlighted, including details about how to secure Colgate's nomination. Other great opportunities that do not require nomination are also available. Browse these amazing opportunities, including eligibility criteria and any relevant upcoming deadlines, to find out which ones are a good match for you. Full list of fellowships and scholarships


Advisement and Resources

Need help getting started? You don't have to navigate the application process alone!  Get advice and information on the entire application process, from matching your interests and goals with the right opportunities to writing the personal statement. ONFS is here to help you put your best foot forward in these competitions. ONFS services and resources LEARN MORE

Past Recipients

Each year, a number of students receive a variety of national fellowships, scholarships, and grants. If you are considering applying, you may find it helpful to explore their examples.
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