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Department of Theater

Act, dance, direct, design, and study theater with our extraordinary faculty.
"Haunted City" studies race in Philadelphia
For his new book, professor Christian DuComb took on a dual role as performer and researcher. READ MORE about DuComb's work.
Theater Faculty
Compelling instruction and professional performance and direction. Meet our theater faculty.
Dance at Colgate
Colgate's theater department now offers a full slate of dance courses.
Academic Program in Theater
Our course offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions and engage your desire to learn.  READ MORE about the academic program in Theater
Student Theater
You have many curricular and extracurricular opportunities to get involved with theater on campus.  READ MORE about student theater opportunities
Latest News
There is plenty going on in the Colgate theater community. ALL THEATER NEWS
Tour the Theater
Brehmer is a proscenium theater with a capacity of 336. Tour the theater with this 360-degree panorama!

Our Mission

The Department of Theater aspires to transform students through immersion in the challenging, unpredictable, and exhilarating reversals of the creative process. As a close-knit, collaborative group of artists and scholars, we endeavor to ignite collaborative engagement, informed observation and rigorous experimentation, infused with a far-reaching sense of wonder, curiosity, and play. We venture to serve Colgate and the surrounding community by creating theater and dance performances that awaken feeling, interrogate assumptions, and sharpen our perception of a complex world.   

MORE ABOUT MAJOR AND MINORThe theater department offers both a major and a minor in theater.

Upcoming Events

Most Recent Productions

R & J & Z

Written by Melody Bates
Directed by April Sweeney
“I dreamt my lady came and found me dead.” It is not the obsession with the dead and thus (un)dead that Melody Bates asks of us in her comedy R & J& Z, but I find it is the obsession with the dream, the moment of transition between two worlds. This new play before us erupts out of Shakespeare’s tumultuous, violent love story and brings forth a world with the logic and physics of the dream.
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ARCH: A Dance Concert

Arch: A Dance Concert showcased original works by contemporary dance students at Colgate. These experimental pieces integrated a variety of styles including hip hop, ballet, and classical Chinese dance. Additionally, the concert featured choreography by Colgate faculty and internationally recognized guest choreographers.

Read more about ARCH

Department News

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Department Contacts

ChairApril Sweeney
Administrative Assistant: Denise Crandall
Office: Dana Arts Center
Phone: 315-228-7639

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Success after Colgate

Colgate alumni who majored in theater are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors. READ MORE about success after Colgate