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Peace and Conflict Studies (PCON) Program

Interactive Learning
Students participate in a technology driven war-game simulation. Phones Vs. Drones
Academic Program in PCON
Our academic offerings will challenge your knowledge and assumptions about the world, and engage your desire to learn. READ MORE about the academic program in PCON
PCON Students in Israel
Christina Crowley ’14 and Rebecca Fine ’14 take part in Projects for Peace. READ MORE about PCON students in Israel
Examining the Holocaust through art
The exhibition by Serbian-Canadian artist Gabriella Nikolic. READ MORE about Nikolic's exhibit
PCON Events and Speakers
Peace and Conflict Studies hosts special events and speakers each semester to expand upon content in the curriculum.  READ MORE about PCON events and speakers
With its regular film and media series, symposia, lectures, grants, fellowships, and unique course electives, the PCON program is actively involved in promoting the study of peace, conflict, and security at Colgate and beyond. 

About PCON

We offer you the opportunity to pursue either a major or a minor in peace and conflict studies.

We invite you to join us as we dissect and strive to understand the nature of peace, violence, and conflict within human society. Our approach to this monumental task is interdisciplinary, drawing on research, methods, and insights from all disciplines as we build a fuller understanding of human peace and conflict.

We offer you the opportunity to focus your studies on three distinct areas of specialization within the study of global and regional peace and conflict issues: collective violence, human security, and international social justice. These areas of specialization correspond with the concerns of the disciplines and agencies currently assessing conflict and post-conflict societies in the global arena.

Success after Colgate

Alumni who majored in peace and conflict studies are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors! READ MORE about success after Colgate

Program Contacts

Director: Alexander Karn
Administrative Assistant: Lara Scott (
Office: 221 Alumni Hall
Phone: 315-228-7806

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