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Neuroscience Program

Academic Program in Neuroscience
Our academic offerings will challenge you while also engaging your interest and desire to learn with a varied course of study. READ MORE: Academic program in neuroscience
Neuroscience Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our neuroscience faculty.
Professor Liu's passion for nature drives research
Neuroscience professor Wan-Chun Liu takes an interdisciplinary approach to his research and teaching. LEARN MORE about Liu's research
Hansen awarded new grant
Professor Bruce Hansen works with students to prepare a test subject as they try to determine whether electroencephalography captures the brain interpreting everyday experiences. READ MORE about Hansen's new grant
Our neuroscience program is distinctive for a university the size of Colgate. It offers students like you the opportunity to explore advanced education and research opportunities in the neuroscience field as undergraduates. 

About Neuroscience

A distinctive feature of our neuroscience program is its interdisciplinary nature. While the program is a part of the larger Department of Psychology, it includes faculty like a cell biologist/neurochemist, a zoologist/neurophysiologist, a physiological psychologist, a vision scientist, and a cognitive neuroscientist. Courses are incorporated from the chemistry, biology, psychology, physics, and philosophy departments.

All these perspectives come together to study neurochemistry and the function of the nervous system and brain from almost every imaginable academic angle.

One of our great strengths is the ability to offer you numerous opportunities for high-level research in partnership with our faculty. Projects range from examining the activity of single neurons to exploring the behavior of complex organisms.

Studying in the Neuroscience Program

We offer you the opportunity to pursue a major in neuroscience.

Success after Colgate

Alumni who majored in neuroscience are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors! READ MORE about success after Colgate

Program Contact

Program Director: Bruce Hansen
Administrative Assistant: Debra Linneman (