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Colgate History
The new book Repression, Re-invention, & Rugelach: A History of Jews at Colgate, features student and faculty work.
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Scholarly Publication
Professor Nisenbaum argues that the rise and fall of German Idealism is a story about the different interpretations of Kant's prioritizing of the practical. ON AMAZON
Saperstein Jewish Center
"The Sap" is a focal point for Jewish study, religion, and culture on our campus.  READ MORE
Academic Program in Jewish Studies
Our academic offerings will challenge your knowledge, assumptions, and engage your desire to learn.  READ MORE
Faculty Work Recognized
Professor Alice Nakhimovsky coauthored ​Dear Mendl, Dear Reyzl, winner of a National Jewish Book Award.
Jewish Studies Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our Jewish studies faculty.
We cover a wide range of studies in Jewish religion, history, politics, arts, and language in the course of our studies. Our interdisciplinary program recognizes the complex interaction between religion and culture in Jewish life, and the diversity of Jewish historical experience.

About Jewish Studies

We encourage you to explore your particular interests, be they religious, literary, or political. Our faculty are actively engaged as teachers, scholars, and lecturers at home and abroad to support your exploration of your interests. Each year we also invite a number of artists, writers, and commentators in a variety of fields of Jewish interest to enrich our offerings with their knowledge and perspective.

The Saperstein Jewish Center (campus map) is the home on campus for Jewish Studies, as well as for Jewish religious and cultural life. The center houses a library of Jewish literature, music, and film, as well as computer facilities. All students and faculty are encouraged to utilize these resources.

Studying in the Program

We offer students the opportunity to pursue a minor in Jewish Studies.

Program Contacts

Director: Noah Dauber
Administrative Assistant: Leialoha Mara (
Office: 104 Hascall Hall
Phone: 315-228-7681