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IR Speakers and Events
Across our campus we host great leaders, thinkers, and policymakers to enhance and expand upon the ideas in our curriculum. GLOBAL LEADERS
Shimon Peres
Former Prime Minister and President of Israel visits Colgate through International Relations & Kerschner Family Global Lecture Series. GLOBAL LEADERS
Academic Program in IR
Our academic offerings will challenge and engage your knowledge, skills, and interests in international relations. READ MORE about the academic program in International Relations
About Ukraine
Arnoldas Pranckevicius ’02, external policies adviser to the European Parliament President, spoke on campus about the Ukrainian crisis. READ MORE about Pranckevicius' talk
Off-Campus Study in IR
What better way to learn about international relations, than to study internationally? READ MORE about off-campus study in IR
Passionate about world affairs? The International Relations Program is for you. With opportunities to study and experience politics on an international scale, you can pursue your interest in international relations to the highest levels.

About International Relations

The program offers both a major and a minor in international relations. For both the major and minor, reading proficiency in a foreign language is required.

As part of the IR program, you'll be studying with, working with, and even traveling with world-class faculty members and other driven, interested students as you develop your interest in and understanding of world affairs.

Each year, the IR program cosponsors an off-campus study group in Geneva, Switzerland. This opportunity allows a group of students, most of whom are majoring in political science or international relations, to explore contemporary international organizations; European politics, life, culture, history, and thought; and the history and development of international law and courts.

We offer other off-campus opportunities as well, including several three- to five-week extended study opportunities. One example is the National Security Extended Study in New York City, where students meet with diplomats from countries involved in major conflicts around the world, news producers from various media outlets, and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

Success after Colgate

Alumni who majored in international relations are pursuing careers in a variety of fields. Check out just a few of the possibilities out there for our majors. READ MORE about success after Colgate

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Chair: Ed Fogarty
Administrative assistant: Cynthia Terrier (
Office: Persson Hall
Phone: 315-228-7521