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Atmospheric Chemistry
Professor Ephraim Woods and students are investigating whether chemicals that give pine trees their scent might have a powerful effect on climate change. READ MORE about atmospheric chemistry research
Professor Keith's Work Published
Professor Jason Keith's work was published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.  READ MORE about Keith's work's publication
Research Opportunities in Chemistry
Get graduate-level research experience as an undergraduate, and help us explore the world of chemistry!  RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES IN CHEMISTRY
Chemistry Faculty
Compelling instruction and field-leading research. Meet our chemistry faculty.
Advanced Instrumentation
Our student and faculty researchers have access to advanced instrumentation like this x-ray diffractometer.  READ MORE about the department's advanced instrumentation
We are certified by the American Chemical Society, and are nationally recognized for our faculty-student research program. We offer a research-oriented curriculum that culminates in an original senior research project conducted in collaboration with one or more faculty members.

About the Chemistry Department

Our department offers majors in chemistry and biochemistry, as well as a minor in chemistry. We are fortunate to have access to excellent facilities and tools that bolster our teaching and faculty-student research abilities.

We are equipped with top-line modern instrumentation, such as our dual beam x-ray diffractometer (video), that you can utilize to conduct graduate-level research as an undergraduate.

Each year we sponsor a large and vigorous summer research program, which will allow you to establish valuable lab experience while reinforcing concepts learned in the classroom.

We also encourage you to take advantage of Colgate's robust off-campus study offerings. The following programs are specifically designed to allow science students the opportunity to study off campus without interrupting progress toward their majors:

Success after Colgate

Our chemistry graduates pursue a wide range of career paths, including graduate study in chemistry or biochemistry; professional schools in the health sciences; graduate studies in other fields (including business, law, theater, etc.); and direct employment after graduation (especially in pharmaceuticals or other life sciences firms). See what some of our alumni have gone on to accomplish:

Department Contacts

Chair: Rick Geier
Administrative assistant: Carrie McFall (
Office: 115 Wynn Hall
Phone: 315-228-7340