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Asian Studies Program

Program Newsletter
Take a look at what the Asian Studies Program is up to. Read our Fall 2017 newsletter.
Student Involvement in Asian Studies
Expand your interests in Asian studies outside the classroom with some of these great involvement opportunities.  READ MORE about student involvement in Asian Studies
Interpreting modern folk art
Colgate professors give an interdisciplinary reading to a Bangladeshi scroll painting.  READ MORE about the scroll project
Academic Program in Asian Studies
Our academic offerings challenge you to expand your mind, cultural awareness, skills and work habits.  READ MORE about academic program in Asian Studies
The nations and cultures of Asia present a uniquely challenging and diverse subject of study. We invite you to join us in our academic exploration of these subjects.

About Asian Studies

Some of the great human civilizations emerged in Asia, and today the continent is home to some of the world's most vigorous economies and fascinating political systems.

We encourage you to learn more about Asia in its own terms, through direct confrontation with Asia's languages, literatures, histories, religions, and arts. The Asian studies program focuses on China, Japan, and South Asia, and offers courses on Southeast Asia and Asians in the Americas as well.

As an Asian Studies major, you will pursue an interdisciplinary course of study grounded in a particular discipline. You may pursue a major in Asian Studies with a concentration in one of the following subregions:
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Asia
You may also work with an adviser to construct a comparative major studying more than one subregion.

The Asian Studies program also offers minors in Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asian studies.

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